Child Custody and Visitation

Custody and visitation issues arise in a variety of circumstances, including divorce, separation of unmarried parents, death of a parent, DCS involvement, etc.  Increasingly, grandparents have taken a role in assuming custody of children whose parents are unable to provide care for a variety of reasons. An experienced child custody lawyer can help you navigate the many options and help you get what is best for the child in your life.




Parenting children following a separation can be a difficult task.  An attorney can help you design a parenting plan that will address the best interests of your child and work with you and their other parent’s schedule.  Sometimes these plans need to be modified or child support needs to be reviewed.  Contacting an attorney can help you understand your options during this difficult period.





In some families, it can be difficult for a grandparent to remain involved in their grandchild’s life, either due to the death of their own child,  military service of their own child, DCS involvement or other  circumstances.  Some grandparents in Tennessee may seek limited rights to visitation in court if they are denied visits with their grandchildren.  Contact an attorney to learn if you can seek visitation with your grandchild. This area of law is rapidly changing, so it is important to know where the law stands today.




Has DCS investigated you or a family member?  If you are the subject of an investigation, contact an attorney today to assist you with this process.


If you are related to or know a child in foster care, it is important to act quickly if you are interested in taking custody.  DCS is required to attempt to place children with extended family members.  However, the longer a child remains in DCS custody, the more difficult it can be to obtain custody of them.  Contact an attorney now if you are considering seeking custody of a relative in DCS custody.  You can learn the necessary steps to take to ensure your relative stays with family.




DCS has many responsibilities and very specific rules to follow.  If DCS is involved in your life, consult the policies they publish.  The terms they use are sometimes confusing and have very specific legal or technical meanings.  Consult the DCS Glossary to make sure you understand.  An attorney can assist you with ensuring that policies are followed and that all appropriate options are explored for your family.

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